How to connect to Got2Go with Hostaway (step-by-step guide)

Got2Go is a vacation rental marketplace, with no fees for PMs (0% commission). 

With Got2Go, you can:

  • List unlimited properties for free
  • Receive payments instantly (when a guest books)
  • Use your own cancelation policies
  • Get new types of travelers including event travelers, Go+ members, more
  • Receive ongoing support from the Got2Go partnership team anytime

*For any PM with properties in the US

If you’re a Hostaway user, you can easily list your properties on Got2Go.

Step 1: Create a new API key in your Hostaway dashboard

  1. Search for “Got2Go” in the Hostaway Marketplace (here’s the direct link to the page)
  2. Click “Connect
  3. Click “Create” (to create the API key)
  4. Save the “Account ID” and “API key” (important: copy the API key, it will only appear once)

    (Alternatively, you can create a new API key on the Hostaway “Settings” screen, see this article)

Step 2: Fill out the Got2Go signup form 

  • Fill out this simple 1 page signup form (copy and paste your “Account ID” and “API Key” into the form)

Step 3: Your properties go live on Got2Go

  • Got2Go’s partnership team will receive a notification automatically – we’ll email you after we receive your form to confirm and list your properties on the Got2Go website. That’s it!
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