How to connect to Got2Go with Hostfully

Step-by-step guide on how to connect to Got2Go with Hostfully through a NextPax channel

It's easy to get started and we'll help out with the entire process:
  1. Complete our online sign up form
  2. If you're already using NextPax, skip to step 6
  3. If not, all good! We'll introduce you to NextPax
  4. They'll let you know more about their channel management solution
  5. Once you sign up with NextPax, they'll onboard you to their system (which is very easy, see this link by Hostfully)
  6. When you’re onboarded to NextPax, they'll enable your properties for us. If you already have a NextPax channel, we'll reach out to our NextPax contact to enable your properties
  7. We’ll get them within a few hours and will automatically build them into our system
  8. We'll perform some testing to make sure everything is working nicely on both our ends
  9. That's it! You'll go live on Got2Go!
Offer for Hostfully PMs to sign up through NextPax by July 31:
  • FREE GO+ Memberships (RRP $299 per year)
    • For 1 year: for all your employees, friends, and family
    • 15% off event tickets (concerts, sports, more)
    • Reduced fees for unlimited vacation rental bookings
    • Hotel discounts (coming later this year)
  • You can sign up for your free membership at any time.
  • Got2Go will pay for your NextPax fees
    • For any property manager who’s new to Got2Go
    • For any PM who’s new to NextPax
    • PM to invoice Got2Go for NextPax connection fees
    • PM to commit to a PR announcement with Got2Go