I lost my belongings while traveling, what should I do?


It's regretful to hear you've lost something important. If you believe you have left something behind at the listing location send an email to support@got2go.com with the subject 'lost property'. If we find the item and you're no longer near the area to pick it up we can authorize a friend or family member to pick it up, or we can organize shipping it to you - note you may be subject to shipping costs for the item and shipping options. You can also contact the host directly if it happened within the last 14 days to see if they can help - their contact details are in your booking confirmation email.

If it happened outside of the listing location or we can't locate the item, report the missing item to local authorities and places you visited where you brang the item. If you need help with this, reach out to our support team via the chat feature on our website or by emailing support@got2go.com and we might be able to provide some suggestions.


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