Neighborhood Support


Unreasonable neighborhood behavior

Got2Go understands unreasonable nearby behaviors can be frustrating. To help us help you, please provide the address of where you are residing/staying, and the suspected address of the cause of issue. Also prepare information about the issue and take unintrusive photos if possible. After preparing this information, reach out to Got2Go via our support channels and we'll contact the host and provide options on how to proceed and assist in the process any way we can. If you believe the concern puts anyones safety at risk, contact local law enforcement first and follow their guidance.

Unreasonable neighborhood behaviors can include:

  • Unhygienic surroundings and trash that doesn't abide by local regulations
  • Parking infringements
  • Illegal home sharing 
  • Excessive noise, parties and disturbances of the like
  • Environmental safety concerns that don't abide by local regulations
  • Animal cruelty and domestic violence
  • Any other serious neighborhood concerns you may have

Communicating with neighbors

It sometimes can be faster to communicate directly with your neighbors to address concerns. If your neighbor is not willing to co-operate or disagrees with your request as being reasonable, contact our support team and we'll help you address the concern.

Neighborhood watch programs and safe zones

Before traveling with Got2Go, it could be worth your time to research watch programs, safe spots and the like nearby to your destination prior to traveling. It's a good idea to always inform a loved one of your travel plans and share your location with someone you trust. For the United States, you can find more information here.


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