Top Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Got2Go? 

Got2Go is an easy to use, beautifully designed travel and accommodation booking platform.

2. Why should I use Got2Go instead of other travel platforms? 

Got2Go strives to break the mold in the travel industry by providing outstanding and memorable travel experiences, all with less fees for our users and hosts.

3. How much does it cost to host on Got2Go?

It's free to become a host and list unlimited properties with Got2Go.

4. Where can I travel to with Got2Go? 

By working with both channel partners and native hosts, Got2Go currently supports listings that are created in all areas within the United States, with plans to expand to many more localizations and countries in the future.

5. How can I contact Got2Go?

You can click the chat icon at the bottom right of our website and follow the prompts to start a live chat or phone call, if available. You can also message or email our team directly at

6. Can I cancel my booking with Got2Go?

Each listing will state the cancellation policy for that listing. If you need further assistance, contact our support team.

7. How can I contact the host of my booking?

Host contact details should be available within your booking confirmation email. If you need further assistance with this, contact our support team.

8. Do I have to create an account to make a booking?

Got2Go has designed outstanding travel experiences that are personalized and memorable. Due to this, creating an account is required to book and host.

9. How can I share a listing or booking with friends or family?

You can share the booking confirmation by forwarding it, copying the listing link directly, or by using the built-in share button at the top right of the listing.

10. Where can I find in-depth guides on how to use Got2Go?

Got2Go has an extensive knowledge base of guides for most scenarios. Refer to our help center or contact our support team if you need further guidance.


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