Trust and Safety


Consistency within communication and interaction channels

Got2Go aims to always contact, and interact with our customers and hosts via 4 main channels. These are:

  • Our live messaging, on our website

Make sure to interact with Got2Go through these channels to ensure you are interacting with Got2Go. If you are directed to contact or interact with Got2Go by any other means, you may be subject to a scam attempt. The only situation this doesn't apply to is if you have been directed by a member from the above channels after you have initiated the communication.

Never pay for, or provide identifying information to parties that claim to be from Got2Go that have contacted you from other channels. If you are unsure, end the communication with this party and reach out to us by iniating contact through the channels mentioned above - we can confirm for you if it was, or was not us.

State of the art website and account security

Got2Go takes your privacy and security seriously. By using the latest security technologies implemented by our world-class engineering team, we can assure our hosts and guests that we take every reasonable measure and more to safeguard your Got2Go account, personal information and payments. In the event of an attack on our services, Got2Go will be transparent and aim to contact you as soon as possible, while taking steps to mitigate the attack and protect our customers over functionality.

Secure transactions

Got2Go's secure payment platform guarantees transactions are accurate and transfer between hosts and guests seamlessly and succesfully. We ask you to always use our website directly when making payments so we can provide this guarantee and keep you protected.

Supporting our hosts to make sure listings are safe

By working with our channel partners, channel managers and hosts to perform risk assessments, Got2Go looks to help prevent near misses and harmful incidents before they happen. By investigating potential hazards, we proactively look to provide solutions for our hosts and mindful warnings for dangerous activities to our customers. 

What to do in the event of a near miss, safety incident or if you have a concern for a potential safety hazard

If you have a concern with a safety hazard that either could be problematic or has already caused a safety issue, please contact Got2Go with the details so we can help find a solution moving forward, and protect you, our future guests and hosts. We will log every safety concern, and keep you updated with a plan to success.


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